Dexter cattle - Liquorice and BonBon Welcome

Kensey Park farm and stud, home of rare breed Ryeland sheep, Dexter cattle and Aberdeen Angus cattle. Also home to the multi Supreme Champion miniature horses and donkey.

Living in the Kensey Valley alongside the River Kensey which gives rich, lush pasture all year round, which the cattle are able to thrive on. The cattle move off the meadow in the autumn and are put on higher, drier ground until they are bedded down on deep straw for the winter. They are fed on haylage made from our own fields earlier in the year. Calving takes place from early spring till early summer so the calves have the summer on the rich meadow grass. Dexter beef is naturally 'marbled with fat' which gives it excellent flavour.

The rare breed Ryeland Sheep live out all year round and only come in to lamb. Lambing usually starts the middle of March through to the beginning of April, so the lambs are able to enjoy the slightly warmer spring days and the fresh spring grass.

Emphasis is put into giving all the stock the best of feed and care available paying particular attention to routine care and worming, foot trimming and fly prevention. All this results in happy, stress free animals which give an end result of excellent flavoured meat.